Criminal Justice 2008

What is restorative justice?

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          With financial support from the Criminal Justice Programme of the European Commission, Directorate General Justice, Freedom and Security

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MEREPS Expert Group

Tünde Barabás
Head of Communication and Training Div.

Job interests: Mediation, victimology/latency, simplification of the criminal procedure, the postponement of the accusation, researching the different kind of punishments, especially the imprisonment and the alternative sanctions (e.g. mediation), fear of crime, situated crime prevention
Balázs Benedek
IT manager

Job interests:
Gabriella Benedek

Job interests:
Borbála Fellegi

Job interests: Training, research, guidance in the fields of restorative justice, crime prevention, the sociology of deviance, conflict resolution, victim support, education and community conflicts.
Theo Gavrielides

Job interests: restorative justice, criminal justice, human rights, youth justice, social policy, race equality, EU law,
Marie Haas
student research assistant

Job interests: diverse interests, not yet definitively settled
Arthur Hartmann
prof. dr.

Job interests: Restorative Justice
Organized crime
Crimiminal law and criminal procedural law
Criminology in general
Empirical research
Karolien Mariën

Job interests:
Ann-Cathrin Seebeck
student research assistant

Job interests:
Tim Steudel
mediator in criminal cases / lawyer

Job interests: restorative justice, criminal law, criminal politics, criminology
Dóra Szegő

Job interests: RJ in prisons, crime prevention, postmodern society theories, action research
Ádám Végh
university student, web editor

Job interests: Restorative justice, alternative conflict resolution, minority rights.
Szandra Windt

Job interests:
Zsuzsanna Z. Papp

Job interests:

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