Criminal Justice 2008

What is restorative justice?

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          With financial support from the Criminal Justice Programme of the European Commission, Directorate General Justice, Freedom and Security

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MEREPS Expert Group

Marie Haas
Country: DEU
Telephone: 0049-421-36118446
E-mail: Megmutat
Workplace: MeRePS project evaluation with Prof. Hartmann
Job title: student research assistant
Mail address: [email protected]
Mobile phone:
Languages: English
Other languages:
Job interests: diverse interests, not yet definitively settled
Area of interest: restorative justice
alternatives to imprisonment
how to design development aid effectively (policy design)
Job experience: assistance of two school projects in Bremen (2009/2010) about religious conflicts, solving conflicts, intercultural and interreligious communication
working in a bar
Organisational memberships:

Uploaded articles

2010. 10. 28

Report about the educational trip to Leuven/Belgium 01.09.2010 – 03.09.2010

The exciting thing about realizing a pilot project is for sure to experience the own image of the (ideal) implementation being restricted and measured by the actual circumstances. Concerning the MeRePS Project this means to implement a procedure based on voluntariness, autonomy confidentiality and...

2010. 10. 28

Status report of the present literature analysis

In recent time the Restorative Justice approach has become popular as an important alternative to the traditional justice system. In addition scientists are discussing the potential and possibilities of integrating the approach into prison settings.