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What is restorative justice?

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June MEREPS update from IARS

Uploaded at: 2010. 06. 28.

Author: TGavrielides

The last three months have been extremely busy for the UK based project run by IARS for the EU funded Mediation and Restorative Justice in Prison Settings Project (MEREPS). Key updates:

Events & Publications: Dr. Theo Gavrielides, IARS Director, has been invited to speak at a national conference on restorative justice. There, Dr. Gavrielides will be talking about the use of mediation and restorative justice post-sentencing and in prison settings. Furthermore, Dr. Gavrielides will be presenting two papers on restorative justice at the international conference of the European Society of Criminology due to be held in September in Liege. With regards to publications, IARS circulated its first London Youth Now newsletter featuring updates from MEREPS. Finally, Dr. Borballa Fellegi, Foresee Director, and Dr. Tunde Barabas, Head of Department National Institute of Criminology in Hungary have successfully submitted an abstract for the publication of a paper titled "Restorative justice and rights in prisons and post-sentencing: a Hungarian case study". This will feature in the Edited Volume "Rights and Restoration within youth justice" by Gavrielides, published by de Sitter Publications in 2012.

Research: Following a successful study tour in London by our Hungarian partners, IARS has now started its research project for MEREPS. The UK based project aims to look at the use of mediation and restorative justice in juvenile institutions and post-sentencing. A research plan is currently being developed to include secondary and primary research with qualitative interviews with practitioners, service users and policy makers. Preliminary in-depth interviews have been carried out with organisations such as Probation and Safer London Foundation.

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