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What is restorative justice?

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Literature analysis

Uploaded at: 2010. 10. 28.

Author: mariehaas

Status report of the present literature analysis

In recent time the Restorative Justice approach has become popular as an important alternative to the traditional justice system. In addition scientists are discussing the potential and possibilities of integrating the approach into prison settings.

In regard to the last mentioned aspect, the European project, MEREPS, identifies the opportunities of Restorative Justice on the basis of diverse methods. One important method is the analysis of the existing literature relating to the topic.

As a student research assistant at the Institute for Police and Security Research (IPOS) I am currently evaluating the present literature.

First of all, the IPOS research team selected relevant documents referring to the topic ‘Restorative Justice and Mediation in prisons’. The following step was the analysis of the single studies/articles resulting in excerpts. This process is still not completed and will be continued in the subsequent weeks. However, a first short statement is possible.
There are circa 30 articles which will be analysed. That indicates that there is still a gap of research. In addition there is little information about projects locating in Germany. Despite of this deficit there are some empirical studies evaluating a Mediation/RJ (pilot) project within prison settings.

Presently, more detailed statements can not be given. Further research is necessary to provide more detailed information.

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