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December 2010 IARS MEREPS Update

Uploaded at: 2011. 01. 04.

Author: TGavrielides

Another monthly update from the UK MEREPS partner reporting on key activities and news that took place in December 2010

On the 7th December 2010, the UK government published its Sentencing Green Paper, announcing its intentions for key reforms in the adult and juvenile sentencing philosophy and practice. The consultation period will close on 4th March 2011 and IARS will work hard with its partners and members to feed into this unique opportunity.

Among other things, the Green paper highlights police-led street restorative justice (RJ) as a diversion from caution/reprimand for low level crime and anti-social behaviour, diversionary RJ for adult and young offenders, and RJ pre-sentence for adult offenders. IARS has championed RJ since its creation and provided evidence based arguments to government and international fora.

The Ministerial Foreword in the Green paper noted: "There is much work to do in a criminal justice system whish is so badly in need of reform ... We will simplify and reduce a great mass of legislation ... We will put a much stronger emphasis on compensation for victims ... I think it is right to describe these reforms as both radical and realistic".

On other news, the IARS fieldwork on the use of restorative justice with incarcerated young people has been completed. Dr. Gavrielides is now writing up the findings of the research.

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