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What is restorative justice?

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Our first meeting took place with all the partners in the MEREPS Consortium

Uploaded at: 2009. 04. 17.


On 17 April 2009 members of the MEREPS Consortium had its very first project meeting. Above all, it was not even planned in the original programme and the budget! It was an opportunity for us to meet in another context, hence we did not have to use our budget for having our kick-off meeting so soon, and effectively start our cooperation.

The Hungarian Ministry of Justice in cooperation with the European Crime Prevention Network  organized its conference on “European best practices of restorative justice in the criminal procedure” , and due to our effective partnership and information exchange with the organizers, all members of the MEREPS Consortium were invited as speakers. So, it was a perfect occasion for us to use this opportunity and arrange a kick-off meeting during the conference that was held in the Helia Hotel in Budapest.

This meeting let us meet personally with each other, discuss our main motivations in participating in this Consortium; the mile stones, the technical, financial and administrative issues of the project and prepare the partnership agreements between the partners and the Consortium leader (Foresee Research Group).

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