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What is restorative justice?

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Borbála Fellegi’s presentation on the conference of the National Mediation Association

Uploaded at: 2011. 05. 26.


The executive of Foresee Research Group presented the participants with the results the MEREPS project has reached so far.

This yearly conference provides institutes and organizations aiming to establish and disseminate the spirit of mediation with a chance to meet. Also, it is a great occasion to discuss actualities in the field.

The participants are representatives of institutes and organizations specializing in criminal justice cases or consumer protection, or working with conflicts in the fields of work, health care system, educational system, family and social care. Also invited are the mediators represented on the Ministry of Justice’s list of official mediators.

The presentation gave an overview of the aims of the project, the partners involved, and the activities that have been carried out or are being planned as part of the project.

The presentation can be downloaded here.

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