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What is restorative justice?

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Szandra Windt
Country: HUN
Telephone: 36-1-356-75-66
E-mail: Megmutat
Workplace: National Institue of Criminology
Job title: researcher
Mail address: HU-1122, Budapest, Maros u. 6/a
Mobile phone: 36204650289
Languages: English
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CV: Szandra_CV.d_Publ__Szandra_Windt.doc
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Uploaded articles

2009. 12. 22

During the study tour in London on 12 Nov 2009 Tünde Barabás, PhD and Szandra Windt, PhD gave a lecture about Mediation and Restorative Justice in Hungary.

In the Hungarian criminal law it is not the aim of the penal system and the execution to foster reconciliation between parties and nor is it suitable for it to do so. This means, that unless parties have already reconciled  before the closing of the first instance in the court, they will not...

2009. 11. 26

The Hungarian Prison Association held a scientific session about the new ciminal procedure draft legislation in the saloon of ELTE ÁJK, on the 26th of november 2009.

The detailed introductory speech about the new draft legislation was held by dr. Veronika Pázsit from the Ministry of Justice. Dr.András Szűcs, prosecutor of the Attorney General’s Office summarized his observation about the draft legislation. According to the introduction, the draft...