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Restorative Justice Conference in Rome (25-26 March 2010, Rome)

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A two-day conference on restorative justice was hosted by Nsidia in Rome, on 25 and 26 of March, 2010 by the title “Restorative Justice and Crime Prevention: actors, places and policies”. The conference was organised within the framework of a project “Restorative Justice and Crime Prevention” funded by the European Commission.

The conference was opened by Bruno Brattoli, Head of Juvenile Justice Department, and was divided into three blocks, each about one of the three keywords represented in the title of the conference.

The "Places" block, chaired by Mario Serio and Maurizio Millo took place on 25 March, examining both the Europen and Italian experiences about restorative justice and crime prevention, as well as its theoretical and practical aspects.

The "Policies" block, chaired by Fabio Licata opened the second day of the conference on the 26 of March, and provided presentations about the use of restorative justice and crime prevention in schools and urban life.

The "Actors" block, chaired by Gustavo Sergio took place on the 26 March and featured presentations on the role of lawyers in restorative justice, the prevention of victimization, as well as experiences and stories about restorative justice in general. This block also featured the conclusion of the conference.

More information about the project “Restorative Justice and Crime Prevention” can be found here.

The programme of the conference can be downloaded here.

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