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September 2010 MEREPS update from IARS

Uploaded at: 2010. 09. 27.

Author: TGavrielides

This update is part of the monthly information provided by IARS on its UK based activities and project for the larger EU funded MEREPS.

September was a busy month for the MEREPS UK project. Dr. Gavrielides attended the European Society of Crimonology annual conference that was held in Liege. There, he presented the interim findings of the UK based MEREPS project and carried out fieldwork with leading proponents of restorative justice. The UK research focuses on the use of restorative justice in juvenile secure estates. It is carried out as part of the larger EU funded project "Mediation and restorative justice in prison settings".

This high profile event brought together over 600 criminologists from around the world to present their latest research. Several sessions on restorative justice were held. Dr. Gavrielides chaired one of the sessions focusing on pushing the barriers of restorative justice. To visit the conference webpage with details on the presentations conference click here. For Gavrielides presentation, click here.

Moreover, the qualitative research is underway. The interviewed sample of practitioners, policy makers, victims and offenders has been identified. The fieldwork will be carried out over the next fews months. If you would like to know more contact Dr. Theo Gavrielides for more information.

Finally, a number of MEREPS newsletter publications have been produced. Click here for the monthly newsletter with information on MEREPS and IARS policy and research activities on restorative justice and here for the regular detailed newsletter. 

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