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What is restorative justice?

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          With financial support from the Criminal Justice Programme of the European Commission, Directorate General Justice, Freedom and Security

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MEREPS Project launched

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The Hungarian partners are celebrating the signatory with the EC (from left to right: Borbala Fellegi (Foresee), Tünde Barabás and Szandra Windt (National Inst. of Crim.), Zoltan Mersits and Koppany Kelemen (Innokut))

At the 16th of march 2009 the three year-long, European Comission endorsed “Mediation and Restorative Justice in Prison Settings” project (JLS/2008/JPEN015-30-CE-0267156/00-39) has officially started.

The project aims to: through empiric research and pilot project ona a national and international level

•    to explore the opportunities for implementing mediation and RJ practices into the prison settings;
•    to survey tha attitudes of prison staff, inmates, and citizens;
•    train the prison staff in the use of applicable prison-mediation techniques
•    work out the right techniques (mediation, facilitation, circles, other restorative techniques etc.), the best practices and the standardizable approaches, furthermore
•    promote the experience-and information exchange and future cooperation between professionals involved in the subject.

In the course of the program the partners will carry out attitude research about restorative methods, among inmates, victims, prison staff, and politicians.

Following the aforementioned, we will introduce a pilot project giving chance to victim-offender mediation, the use of restorative techniques to solve conflicts in prisons, and the mediation training of prison staff.

The consortium leader of the project is Foresee Research Group, the professional leader is National Institute of Criminology, the financial administration is handled by Innokut Researching Ltd.

Partners outside Hungary:  Independent Academic Research Studies  (London, UK), University of Applied Sciences in Public Administration in Bremen (Germany) , Victim Offender Mediation Service Bremen (Germany), and the European Forum for Restorative Justice (Belgium).

Hungarian Partners: Balassagyarmat Prison, Office of Justice, Hungarian Judicial Academy, Community Service Foundation Hungary, and the Hungarian Crime Prevention and Prison-Mission Foundation.

You can read more about the project here.

The flyer of the project can be downloaded here.

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