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What is restorative justice?

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Poster session about the MEREPS Project at the Annual Conference of the Prison Service Budapest

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The MEREPS poster

Foresee Reasearch Group and the National Institute of Criminology held a poaster presentation about the MEREPS project at the Annual Conference of the Prison Service Budapest.

The National Institute of Criminology and the Foresee Research Group was invited to the at the Annual Conference of the Prison Service Budapest to give a poster presentation about our MEREPS project.
It was motivating to see that a high level of interest was shown from the conference participants towards our project.  Several Hungarian prison governors and prison staff members asked us about the possiblity of participating in this MEREPS project as well as of applying for further projects in partnership with them. Our discussions showed that it worth to seek for further funding possibilities, since an increasing number of professionals in the prison system seem to be interested towards implementing and applying restorative justice practices in the correctional system.

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