Criminal Justice 2008

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August 2010 update

Feltöltve: 2010. 08. 29.

Szerző: TGavrielides

August was another important month for restorative justice in the UK. Home Office officials and Ministers started to contact projects and organisations delivering restorative justice. The new coalition government took keen interest in community and alternative methodologies that divert from the traditional criminal justice model.

IARS' UK MEREPS project moves onto the research phase "Using restorative justice with incacerated young people". The UK project is carried out by Dr. Theo Gavrielides, IARS Director and Senior Research Fellow at Open University. It aims to investigate the usage of restorative justice with sentenced and incarcerated young people below the age of 18 in England and Wales. The UK is one of the MEREPS country partners that has some experience in the application of restorative justice within secure settings. The UK based research and policy project aims to complement the evaluation that is taking place in Germany and the parallel research that is being undertaken in Hungary so as to allow cross learning and information exchange.

The fieldwork will be carried out over the next fews months focusing on practitioners, policy makers and incacerated young people. Contact Dr. Theo Gavrielides for more information

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