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October 2010 IARS update on the UK MEREPS project

Feltöltve: 2010. 11. 01.

Szerző: TGavrielides

IARS' office warming party

This update is part of the monthly information from IARS on the UK activities for the MEREPS project.

The research for the UK MEREPS project is well under way. The desk research is now complete for the development of the discussion guides and questionnaires for the qualitative fieldwork which is due to take place November 2010 - February 2011. The fieldwork will focus on young victims and offenders, as well as restorative justice practioners and policy makers. Click here to download the project brief.

As part of the MEREPS project and in order to inform the qualitative data of the UK project, IARS is organising an expert seminar in partnership with the International Centre for Comparative Criminological Research at Open University. This high profile event is due to take place on 22nd November at the Open University London campus and is titled "Drawing together research, policy and practice for restorative justice".

Forty restorative justice experts, leading academics and practitoners have confirmed attendance. The event will open with a keynote speech by Dr. Theo Gavrielides (IARS Director and lead for the UK MEREPS project). Ben Lyon (senior restorative justice practioner) will then speak about current challenges and opportunities for restorative justice practices followed by Prof. Gerry Johnston (Prof. of Law, Hull University) who will speak about current research gaps in restorative justice. Graham Robb (Board member, Youth Justice Board) will then speak about the current policy and institutional framework for restorative justice.

The 4 hour event will allow the experts to exchange information, ideas and best practices in this very critical time for the restorative justice movement. For more information please contact Dr. Theo Gavrielides Since this event is by invitation only, material from the conference will be made available in early December. A report is also going to follow with key findings and recommendations from the expert discussion.

In other news, IARS celebrated a big milestone in its history as we moved into our own premises in Vauxchall. Forty IARS friends and members attended our office warming party on 1 October. To read the full story and see the video from the party go to

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