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March IARS Project Updates and Press Release

Feltöltve: 2011. 04. 11.


The UK MEREPS fieldwork was completed and the first national draft report was written. The findings and the draft report are now with the UK MEREPS independent peer review panel consisting of Prof. Dan Van Ness, Prof. John Winterdyk and Dr. Mariann Liebmann. The report is due to be launched at the end of 2011.

Press Release: The 3E Model for a Restorative Justice Strategy in Europe

IARS is pleased to announce that it has been successful in its partnership bid to the European Union for a new two year project titled "The 3E Model for a Restorative Justice Strategy in Europe". The consortium of 7 countries is led by Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Dr. Theo Gavrielides, IARS Director, is the Project Lead for the UK.

The project is due to start in June 2011 and will focus on the development of restorative justice as a response to crime in 11 European countries. The countries who bid and won the EU grant are: Greece, UK, Bulgaria, Finland, Poland, Hungary and Spain.

The project will carry out a comparative study of 11 European countries from the North, Western, Central, Eastern and South Europe to develop a coherent strategy for restorative justice across Europe. Through the identification of best practices and the exchange of low budget best practice models a guide will be develop for regional and national bodies.

Dr. Gavrielides, IARS Founder and Director said: "IARS has been a pioneer in the field of research on restorative justice and this project will give us an opportunity to work across Europe and with other countries. Pushing the barriers for restorative justice has been my passion, and I look forward to working with other restorative justice experts on this exciting new initiative".

Ben Lyon, a leading practitioner in restorative justice and one of the founders of the Register of Restorative Justice Practitioners will work as the Project Coordinator. For more information on this project and how to get involved please contact Dr. Theo Gavrielides

The project is funded under the European Commission Directorate E: justice programme, Justice, Freedom and Security (JLS/2010/JPEN/AG).

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