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Pre-announcement of the Final Conference ‘Responsibility-taking, Relationship-building and Restoration in Prisons’

Feltöltve: 2011. 06. 30.


Final Conference of the project ‘Mediation and Restorative Justice in the Prison Settings’.

On 17-19 January 2012

At the Hungarian Judicial Academy, Budapest and the Prison in Balassagyarmat, Hungary.

About what?
The conference is to summarise the main findings of the research projects and the pilots experimenting restorative justice (RJ) and mediation in prisons in Germany, Hungary and the United Kingdom, and to stimulate the exchange of good practices related to RJ in prisons.

To download the preliminary conference programme in English, please click here.

To download the Hungarian programme, please click here.

Who should attend?
Researchers, RJ practitioners, victim agency workers, legal practitioners, policy makers, social workers and other professionals interested in how to integrate RJ into the prison context.

Keynote speakers:
Prof. Alison Liebling (University of Cambridge, UK)
Prof. Arthur Hartmann (University of Applied Studies in Public Administration, Germany)
Dr. Theo Gavrielides (Independent Academic Research Studies, UK),
Dr. Tünde Barabás (National Institute of Criminology, Hungary)

Special programme:
First the field, then the conference! Attend a special prison visit on 17 January at the Prison in Balassagyarmat, guided by the Governor of the prison!
(Reg. fee: 30€/person, including the return travel cost by bus and one lunch in the prison)

We offer FREE REGISTRATION for the first 10 registered participants!

Registration fee from the 11th registration is 50€ (until 31 August 2011) and 80€ (after 31 August 2011).

You can register online here.

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