Criminal Justice 2008

What is restorative justice?

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Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

Welcome to the Expert Network site of, an online expert network service run by the Foresee Research Group Nonprofit Ltd. This website belongs to Foresee Research Group Nonprofit Ltd. (1092 Budapest, Bakáts tér 3., VAT number: 14290967-1-43, registration number: 01-09-897335, registry court: Budapest Metropolitan Court, represented by: Fellegi Borbála, [email protected], referred to hereinafter as "Foresee" or "Service Provider"). By using the Foresee Expert Network database you agree to the following:

Changes to the Statement of Rights and Responsibilities

Foresee reserves the right to, with a preliminary notice given to the users, unilaterally change this statement. By entering the Foresee Expert Network database after a change in the Statement, you express your agreement to the changed Statement by using the altered service.

The Service 

“The service” refers to the Expert Network database available at, including all of its services and functions.
The service is run by Foresee; in connection with this you understand and accept the following: (a) in order to register within the system, a valid e-mail address must be provided, and during the registration process a password must be chosen; (b) you are responsible for the secrecy of the password; (c) Foresee has to be made aware of any unauthorized use of the user id, as soon as possible; (d) this agreement can be terminated by any of the parties involved, and termination takes effect immediately; (e) your contractual rights are not limited; (f) you agree to, if so requested by Foresee, providing some limited information about yourself (the information has to be valid, complete and current; (g) you keep the aforementioned information updated in order for it to be valid, complete and current; and (h) you accept that your registration and inclusion in the database places no professional obligation on either you, nor Foresee, as there will be separate, independent contracts for every job.
Foresee reserves the right to, without prior notification, delete users who misuse names, pictures, e-mail addresses, or other personal data of other individuals, especially if the content is made public by the user via the Foresee Expert Network database.  Including, but not limited to:  

    *  violating a trademark,  

    *  publicizing the name of a living or historical--Hungarian or international--public figure or celebrity, except for the registered name of the user.

    *   a name offending the rights of another person,  

    *   obscene or indecent expression,  

    *  expression or behaviour which is racist, or offends another person's religion, nationality, sexual- or political- or world view affiliation,  

    *  anything that can be interpreted as hidden or open advertisement.
This service is only open to natural persons. Registration not made by natural persons (eg: registration made on behalf of communal, business, or social groups) can be deleted by Foresee.

Should your name or other identifying data be misleading, Foresee reserves the right to check the identity of the user by asking for additional information in the form of data on the user or by request for documentation with a photo, valid for identification, in order to avoid the use of misleading usernames. You understand and agree to reply to the verification e-mail within 24 hours, otherwise your registration may be deleted. If Foresee receives notice of the use of misleading usernames, the organization has the right to limit the access of users until the verification process is finalized.
Foresee is not responsible for any harm arising as the result of the lack of  fulfillment of the aforementioned commitment. In addition, you understand and accept that the data of every user, including yours, can be collected, anonymously integrated into the Expert Network database by Foresee, and the data acquired this way can be used anonymously for analytical and statistical purposes. You understand and accept that, in the absence of contradictory regulation, Foresee does not in any way control and verify information contained in the Expert Network database.
Foresee reserves the right to deny its services to any user.

User behaviour

You agree to behave responsibly and respectfully towards all other users.
With the acceptance of this Statement, you agree not to use the service to harass, slander others, defame, offend the human dignity and equality, or in any way offend the rights of other users. Foresee reserves the right to delete or limit registration, or suspend functions that employ harassment, be it via personal messages, lists, or on any part of the public website.


You are fully responsible for the content that you enter in the Foresee Expert Network database, including, but not limited to, photos, personal data, dialogues, lists, categories, personal messages, and also the consequences of any content.
Foresee does not supervise content uploaded, or in any way made public by the users, as a matter of course. Foresee, as an intermediary service provider, is not responsible for the uploaded content or the information broadcast through its system.
You understand and accept the fact that Foresee may, without any prior notice, remove content or links that it finds illegal, offensive, disrespectful, intimidating, slanderous, scandalous, obscene, or in any other way objectionable.
You understand and accept the fact that Foresee may, without any prior notice, remove content or links that violate other people’s rights concerning their intellectual property, originator’s rights, or any other owner’s rights, or conditions included in this Statement. In such cases Foresee also has the right to delete the registration without prior notice.  
Illegal activities include, but are not limited to the following:  

- Adaptation, trackback or modification of any part of the Foresee Expert Network database;  

- Use of any automated application, search robot, site searcher or backtracker, or any application that allows the indexing or modification of any part of the Foresee Expert Network;  
- Unauthorized entering or attempt to enter the computer network of Foresee (hacking);  
- Collection of data concerning other users for unauthorized reasons (including e-mail addresses and usernames);  
- Reformatting or redesigning any part of the Foresee Expert Network database;  
- Publication of acquired content;  
- Automated, false or frivolous user registration;  
- Creation or forwarding of unwanted electronic communication, such as spam or hoaxes, or the disturbance of other users during the use of the service, including but not limited to, offending photos or advertisements on the data sheet. These will be deleted, leaving only a notification behind.
- Publicizing content of any third party, without the approval of said third party;  
- Publication of content misleadingly appearing as officially approved by Foresee;  
- Making content public that offends other people’s rights concerning their intellectual property, privacy, or any other owner’s rights;  
- Forwarding or uploading viruses, worms, bugs, trojans or any other destructive content;  
- Publication of illegal content or any content that advertises or calls for illegal activities;  
- Giving false or misleading information.
Modification of data at the user’s request
Changing the e-mail address, deleting the registration  

In order to change the e-mail address or delete the registration, Foresee has the right to ask for identifying documents with a photo, or e-mail address for identification purposes. Foresee also has the right to ask the user to:  
    *   request the data modification using the e-mail address given during the registration process

    *   send an identifying document to Foresee

    *   provide personal identification in any other way accepted by Foresee.
Registration of the deceased

In order to delete registration of deceased persons, a close relative or official representative may start the process with the necessary documents. For further information please contact us at [email protected]

Exclusion of warranty

Foresee and its owner, partners, suppliers, advisors and agents exclude any and all responsibility  for the content, official status, completeness, legality, reliability, applicability, or availability of any information included in the Foresee Expert Network database. Foresee excludes any and all responsibility for the behaviour of users and developers.  

Any content, information, service, or function available through the Foresee Expert Network database is made available „as is” without any warranty.  
You accept that you use the Foresee Expert Network database and services available through the Foresee Expert Network database at your own risk, and you also accept that Foresee is not responsible for any financial or non-financial expense deriving from the use of the service.
Any legal debate originating from the service that cannot be solved by mutual agreement, falls under the jurisdiction of the Pest Central Court of Justice or the Metropolitan Court, depending on competence.
The user has sole responsibility for protecting his or her own personal data, especially the password needed to access the service provided by Foresee. The user is responsible for any activity occurring with the use of his or her registration and password.

Compensation and awards

In case of any third party demand against Foresee originating from your use of the Foresee Expert Network database, you agree to compensate Foresee. This includes any demands that originate from claims, absence, expense (real and/or consequential), lawsuits, verdicts, or lawsuit expenses. In such cases Foresee will notify you of the demand, lawsuit or procedure.

International use

Because of the global nature of the Internet, you agree to follow all local rules concerning Internet users and content. You also accept that all personal data, information and content will be controlled, processed and stored in the European Union, in the Republic of Hungary.
Services, products, functions, all content, and information available through the Foresee Expert Network database are made available „as is” without any liability.